Saturday, October 3, 2009

No show this week-end

I have two weeks without shows, but still have plenty going on. I have at least 8 shows scheduled so I am trying to get a surplus ready, as well as knit scarfs, crochet caps for a charity, and this is Birthday week for my Husband and I......just not saying which one......LOL.

Some of my 'better' pieces are in the invitation only show this week-end. Last year the show was very good for me. Also I left about 6 of my necklaces for the Gallery gift show where my Photography is going. I also added two matted prints to my 'image collection' while there.

Every once in a while, I sit down for the morning and make earrings. Usually making 8-10 pairs gets me caught up on what has sold. Yesterday was my day for that project. I ended up making 9 pair blending new beads, crystals, and even a few 'left over' pearls to create sparkling color combinations in different styles. Most of my earring designs are casual to dressy. So they can be worn anytime.

A friend who likes and buys my jewelry had requested a specific color to go with the necklace she just purchased so of course I gave her a choice of three. She chose one then looked at the other new pairs and had me set one pair aside for next week's paycheck. I love it when a friend/customer keeps coming back and buying my work.

Even though I love working with gemstone beads, I do get a little burned out sometimes. I am working with all glass beads for a couple of days. After selling three necklaces last week-end, I need to replenish anyway.

Have a pleasant week-end. Blessings.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It was a great Craft show Week-end

Hope you had a good week-end as well. My week-end show was great. Lots of sales, all kinds of products, jewelry, photos, greeting cards and sold scarfs before I was finished knitting them. I had a primo spot this time (due to being a many time return vendor) on the busiest corner of the event, and in front of the music. I even had help two of the three nights, my Husband stayed around and helped then visited with some of the Men vendors there. The show was only 4 hours each night so nice and short.

The only flaw was the van threw a fit and the Fuel pump went the Festival so it had to be towed to the garage. But she is back up and running now, even though our bank account is much lighter. We have a small local garage work on our vehicles and they always do a great job and are reasonable in cost and prompt with the repair.

This week is not as busy. I will be taking some of my jewelry to a private showing and sale on Thursday for the sale on Saturday and Sunday. Nice show and invitation only for selling there.

Stay busy, Be happy. Enjoy the Fall's Beauty outdoors.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A break in a busy week.

I am amazed at how busy this week has been and will be for the next three days.

In my earlier post, I informed you about my pending photo shoot of a local cowboy. It went very well, the man was nice to work with and the images turned out really good. Course, due to that job and trying to get some of my butterfly images edited and proofs printed, I've been to the store 3 times this week to pick up prints. Plus, I refreshed my mat cutting experience. Trying to make a little less work for myself, I went to Hobby Lobby to purchase a pre-cut mat for the selected photo from the cowboy shoot. No such luck. Not a white 11X14 mat in the store. My usual luck continues. But that is ok. Since I had to cut one, I measured and cut 5 more and the other matted prints (if not bought by the Cowboy) are going into a gallery.

One of my photographs from China was accepted by a local gallery with room for more of my images as soon as I can take them over. In addition, this gallery is creating a gift shop area and is making a space for some of my jewelry. I will be putting my nicer and more expensive gemstone necklaces there. They will go in as soon as the new necklace displays arrive. This gallery is just opening and being done very professionally. The owner is also an artist so he knows the Art field from both directions...creating and selling. What a great time to be putting new work in what looks like a very promising location.

I have a three day show this week-end and am attending a Gallery exhibit opening this evening. Friends' work is in this so I am excited for them. And I am going to try to do some more photography Saturday of some Indian Dancers. So much is going on right now, and I Love it. Next week is supposed to be a quiet one so maybe I can get some reading done as well as more jewelry done.

Till later. Blessed be.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall is Here.

Welcome to my corner of Texas. We are having wonderful Fall days with cooler nights. And I am busy trying to set up my craft show schedule for the upcoming months as well. Been very busy with different crafts; photography- getting more prints matted and greeting cards put together. I now have a full rack of my greeting cards at a local art gallery. Kewl!

I am really happy with the direction that my jewelry is taking right now. I am using more of the gemstone beads and they are fantastic! I ordered and received 30+ strands of all natural stone beads in several shapes. I've made two necklaces with garnet 'heart' shaped beads and my next is just using the garnets in a simple almost chain-like necklace.

As if that has not kept me busy enough, I am busy crocheting and knitting caps and scarfs for the cold season. Also, I will be crocheting at least a dozen caps for a missionary group that helps less fortunate families in Mexico. One of my very good friends is and has been heavily involved in helping those less fortunate for years. This is my way of saying 'thank you' for all we have been blessed with.

This Sunday will be the Fourth month for the Art Market where I have been showing and selling my works. I enjoy this show very much. So I am always excited about these shows.

In Addition, I have a photo shoot Saturday. I'm photographing a Cowboy on location. Looking forward to that as well.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Craft show results

I completed my third show at the Art Market in a series of Five. It was a fun day and made even nicer because my husband (who plays drums) was part of the band that provided music during the afternoon. We usually go our own way with our given 'profession' so this was a real treat as I haven't heard him play for a while.

While sales were not great, the crowd was a buying one. Great to see. My sales consisted of both my jewelry and my photos so that made me happy. My greeting cards are still a very good seller and are now being featured in a local gallery. The Christmas cards (SouthWest Desert version) will be available soon as well.

There was a great deal of interest for the chain necklace with the Adventurine focal. Thought I had it sold, but the young lady opted for the very delicate turquoise jasper necklace and a copper ring. It looked so nice on her as she had a wonderful tan, bringing out the colors of the necklace.

This will be another busy week as I have some really good images of butterflies that I need prints of for more greeting cards and I also need to work on the jewelry.

I am starting to design pieces and put the entire laid out design on a piece of wire until I can wire wrap it. Some times I have the time to lay out a design, but not enough time to work it up, so now I can at least keep the design.

My work with natural gemstones instead of glass beads has been very well received, so I hope to continue in that direction. I have more jade and a new string of garnet hearts that are really calling to me.

More later as time permits.
Have a healthy week.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guess Muse is back.

Good morning all. I'm happy to say I've been very busy creating the last few days. I have completed two more necklaces and one pair of earrings. In addition, I designed a fashion-oriented high style necklace yesterday morning that has yet to be wire wrapped. Hope to get that one done today. Many Monday mornings are shopping day for me so I only got the designing done yesterday, but did get one pair of earrings made.

Photos of my new work will follow with a better description as I have the time.

Look forward to sharing and hope you have a great day.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last, but not least, the Hook Clasp

This hook clasp is a modified "S" hook clasp as I hammered both ends, but only curled the one. A simple but strong clasp that is a tasteful finishing touch to this piece.

Thank you for letting me share my craft with you. I am fortunate to be able to create Beauty with my jewelry and my photography.

Should you be interested in this Chain Necklace, drop me an e-mail.

Adventurine Focal

I have recently renewed my interest in using more gemstones in my jewelry, focal points, donuts, beads, cubes, and anything that catches my eye. Just purchased some garnet gemstone hearts that I can't wait to create a long delicate necklace with.

Anyway, back to the piece at hand, This focal piece is round with an off center hole. It is 45mm by 6mm. The bale is hammered to match the clasp hook.

Links, Hook clasp, and Focal Point

With the exception of the tiny copper hammered washer (almost center of image); all other links were hand coiled, soldered, filed, sanded, and tumbled. The large links were hand coiled around a 1/2 inch diameter piece of copper tubing (just keeping it in the copper family). Soldering something this tiny was a wonderful lesson in going slow and used a lot of patience as I had to prep each link, solder, turn off the torch, then drop in water, and start all over. Good exercise for someone who is very impatient.

3-Link Chain Necklace with Green Adventurine Focal

As I posted earlier, this chain necklace used at least three methods of making. All parts are hand made by me except the tiny copper hammered washers that connect the smaller jump rings.

As usual, all components are made of copper. Total length is about 18 inches. It is surprisingly light in weight. The focal point (the adventurine) can be removed if very careful.

Maybe the Muse is back.

Unfortunately, my creativity level has been very low the last few weeks. But I completed a piece yesterday that used at least three different methods of my jewelry making. I hope you like it. I spent a lot of time figuring and designing exactly how it should be put together.

Because there are lots of pictures showing the different areas of the chain necklace, I am making this a several post writing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More show news

Amazing how quickly I seem to get behind on writing here. I have completed two craft/fine art shows since my last post.

My show two weeks ago was considered a big sucess even though I did not make a lot of money. I have had renewed interest in my photography. So I am bringing out my matted prints to sell at shows. Last week I put together about 150 greeting cards with my images and took them to the last two shows. Between the two shows, I sold almost 30 cards. I have another show this Friday and Saturday so my card inventory is still good and I will also have jewelry there of course.

Last week's show on Sunday was almost a killer. The temperatures were so hot that I actually got sick. At least we had shade from trees to sit under, the canopy shading was unbearable. That was a fine art show. It is so good to have so much interest in my work.

Try to stay cool. Blessings. Till next time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Preparing for a two day show this week-end

I am trying very hard to get excited and 'revved up' for the show I am entered in this week-end. I have not been very creative this last two weeks, even though I have gotten a few pieces made. With our very hot and usually dry weather here in the Desert, my main concern was to stay as comfortable as possible. And this is the 'Monsoon Season" here as well. We only have a few inches of rain per year and most of it falls between June and probably the end of August.....usually when a big event is scheduled.

The good part of this Weather is that we have been swimming every day, sometimes morning and afternoon, and I am losing weight. YES!!!!! I am hoping to have made a real improvement by the end of August.

Hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th week-end. My husband and I were guests at a local car event (drag race for those car people out there). I photographed and my husband who is a writer, interviewed racers and took down data. Turned out to be a long day and late evening as we finally got home and in bed at 4 am of the 5th. But a very good time was had by all.

I've added my blog to a new blog list

I have just added my blog to a new blog list and would be very happy if you would vote for my blog if you enjoy my jewelry and my life notes. The vote button is at the bottom of the page and looks like this.

Top Blogs

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rounding out the last few weeks

In addition, I have sold merchandise at two craft shows this month. The first; a new show at a small church was a dismal failure. No customers and only two sales. Not too sure I will go back to that one. The second was much better. It was a fine art and high end crafts so I showed both my photography and my jewelry. Sold several prints and some of my large photographs are to be included in a future gallery show in the same area. I have changed the way I display my jewelry (yet again) and this time I received many compliments about the way the jewelry sparkles in the light and is so accessible to touch/try on.

I have also been working with the mint tins and creating mini pieces of Metal Embossing on the tops of the tins...after I cover the entire tin with a metal tape. They turn out cool and make great jewelry boxes or 'anything' boxes. One of the boxes sold on the second showing.

Even found some time to get some sewing done. I enjoy sewing clothes every once in a while. So while I was 'alone' (how can one be alone with a house full of furbabies), I spent three days sewing. Got a couple of articles of clothes finished and 3 more in the works. To be finished at a later date.

Our original vegetable garden was killed with a very cold snap so we lost all there. But I did have the usual tomatoes, and peppers and a couple other seedlings going. So I replanted a few bell pepper plants and thus far have kept 5 of the peppers alive; one with blooms all over it.

We also planted 4 tomato plants in the cage and they are looking great. Course it is liable to be September before we get any tomatoes with such a late start.

All in all, I am having a wonderful Summer and getting a great tan as a swimming bonus.

New Necklace today

To continue learning the craft of jewelry making, I try to make each piece just a little different and with different 'ingredients' (as in cooking, new ingredients add a different taste). This necklace took several days to complete and is new in that I used all natural stone beads to make this one. The yellow cube beads are Yellow Jasper in 4mm size. The rondelles are from a long strand of all mixed stones.......lots of different colors and textures. They are about 6mm. The necklace is a wire wrapped piece with a hand-crafted hammered "S" hook closure. The completed length is around 20 inches.

Back with new jewelry and a little news

I know I haven't posted for weeks now, but I have not been lax in my works. Husband was gone for 10 days so I had a 'working vacation'. My time was my own to do as I pleased, but I also got to do all the daily chores for two people. Not so bad though, as my biggest chore and most fun was taking care of the pool. It was such a big pat on the back when my husband returned and complimented me on how nice the pool looks. YES!! Compliments are NICE.

One of the mornings I went out to clean the pool and start the filter, this little critter was in the pool. I kind of assumed he/it was dead. Turns out it was alive and more than worn out but still could climb and tried to get back in the pool till I moved it to a Yucca Cactus nearby. This is a Desert Tarantula; all black and furry and about 3 inches in size. We have been back in EP (El Paso) for 4 years and this is the first one we have seen here at home.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Quick pair of Aventurine Earrings

This simple pair of orange faceted Aventurine in Drop form only took minutes to make and were fun. Being so simple, they can be casual or worn with Dress up clothes.

Made with copper of course,these are light weight with lots of color.

New Necklace today

Another necklace was completed today. This piece is a little different than my usual work. I added a focal point to the necklace and like the way it turned out. I did need to rework it a couple of times before I could get it to fall just right and to get the length correct. All in all, I am starting to enjoy the challenges of designing jewelry and correcting flaws on the fly.

This necklace falls to the breast-plate just above cleavage. It is made with 20g copper wire, glass blue-green cube beads, copper spacers and the round focal point is about 2-3 inches and I believe it is Resin. Length of the necklace is less than 20 inches.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Completed today.

The coiled wire linked chain necklace I've been working on for about a week is finally finished. I'm very pleased with the end results and feel the "S" clasp was a perfect finishing touch.

Again this chain is a self created design. I did see something similar for the link, but it continued on with lots of beads and a totally different concept. The chain is made from 18 gauge links that are coil wrapped with 20 gauge copper wire, then the completed link is connected with a 18g jump ring. Each link is just over 1 inch long. The completed chain is just over 20 inches long. Lovely by itself or can be enhanced by any crystal.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time to catch up some.

Happy Summer.

Been busy with creating, a little shopping, and developing a new way to display my jewelry at shows. I frequent a local Thrift Store about twice a month. Usually I just shop without a specific article in mind, cruising the entire store for what I think is a good deal. On Monday's the store offers a 99 cent on certain colored price tags (changes each week). So I run (almost literally) to the jewelry department for that colored tag to see what 'goodies' I can find. Usually to recreate new jewelry, sometimes for me. I still love the 'sparkles'. This week I found 3 bags of Antique Silverware at 99 cents per bag. Beautiful stuff and almost a full 12 setting service. As I roamed over to the furniture area, I came across 2 fireplace screens. I've seen jewelry displays where the necklaces and other pieces were hung on the standing screen so I grabbed that up too. Now, I am changing over from the flat display case with glass doors to this stand-up version. I really hope it works as I hated carrying the case, bulky and so dangerous with the glass. Also, now the people can see the sparkle of the beads and 'touch' easier.

Monday was an all around day of change. Since I swim daily, and was really tired of going to bed with wet very long hair, I had my hair cut off. Went from middle of back to shaved neckline. Big change!

Finally getting back to the jewelry. I'm working on several projects right now. I am creating another chain with links that have more copper wire coiled the entire length of the link. Very different from the other chains. So far, it looks good and I will be putting an "S" clasp to finish it.

I'm still working on the jade nugget necklace. Thinking about making it a multi-strand so lots more work before it is complete.

Haven't touched the paper-clip chain. Had to strip more of the 20 gauge wire and have not gone back to finish it yet.

I found a bag of cube shaped green glass beads that show different colors in the light so I am making a long necklace with a similar colored round disk as a focal point, front and center.

Don't have much lined up for shows right now, but do need to get these pieces finished. Good therapy, ya' know.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day. Here in the US, this is one of the days we honor our war heroes as well as our family loved ones who have died for a cause they strongly believed in, the protection of this great country. Our family has also proudly served in several branches of the Military. Both my and my husband's fathers served in and survived World War II, but have now passed away. We proudly fly the flag that draped my husband's father's coffin on important patriotic holidays.

A quick update on last week-end's craft show. We had sunny but windy weather most of Saturday so I spent a lot of time keeping the canopy from flying away. Unfortunately, the crowd was smaller and not in a buying mood so my sales were down. Because this has been one of my better shows in past years, I was really disappointed. Made the booth fee, but not much more.

But I continue plugging away. One good happening was that I was invited to show and sell at a monthly fine art event that will be in a local Plaza. Look forward to that.

I have also been creating more jewelry. Kind of went on an earring making junket. Made 6 pair this week, plus 2 necklaces, and 2 bracelets. I'm working on a very special design necklace and bracelet set that I hope will be a beauty! I'm also working today on a glass bead necklace that has two different shaped, same color, beads being used.

While working on today's necklace, I came up with a new idea for a different necklace to use up a large quantity of multi-colored glass beads and a focal point that I had laying around.

Also, happily, the earrings with the glass bead and olive jade nugget sold last week-end.

Photos will follow asap.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Just a quick hello

Just checking in for a short post before we start loading up for this week-end's two day show. Haven't had much time for jewelry making since I got all the other pieces done. We bought an above ground swimming pool (our first) so most of this week revolved around preparing the ground, setting up the pool, the (not so) patiently waiting for it to fill. Course, someone (the impatient one) couldn't wait for the pool to completely fill and was in there with only about 18 inches of water. Was soooo nice. I grew up on a lake and swam almost daily for years, so I've really missed the pool and water. Now that it is full, I can get a healthy workout in 30 minutes.

Have a wonderful week-end. And Create! It's good for you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last two pair of Earrings

For now, that is. I have moved on to another project so I am listing these two earrings as the last. I have been entered in another show this week-end for Saturday and Sunday so my posts and new work will be limited.

I seem to make earrings in spurts, all the creative design ideas hitting me at once, then kind of a lull. I believe I made all 5 pairs in one morning sitting.

So let me describe my last two beauties. Hope you like them. Again, not fancy or delicate, just fun to wear with lots of taste.

One pair is a combination of an Olive Jade nugget, a faceted glass lavender bead, copper headpins, spacers and copper ear wires.

The last earring set was created from copper headpins, spacers, and two glass faceted lavender beads with copper ear wires.

UPDATE: Happily, the Olive Jade-Lavender earrings were sold at a craft show last week-end.

Another Bangle, Hammered

This time I created a different look for my bangle that has been so popular. Since I was experimenting, this bracelet is larger and could be worn by a man as well. It is very simple, 12 gauge copper wire that has been hammered almost flat, doubled over to make two, then wrapped with fine 20 gauge in several places, curved and hammered around a baseball bat (my favorite bangle mandrel) till round. I then curled the ends and connected. Again, this design is a non-opening bangle.

Clicking on any image will give a larger photo.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Photo Assistant

As I was photographing the last of the jewelry, our youngest cat, who is 1/2 Siamese and probably 1/2 yellow tabby, decided to 'help out'. He jumped up on the table and rearranged the necklace I was photographing. Then lay down and took a nap! This is Pancake, my new assistant.

Copper Washers & Green foil Beads

Click on any pix to see a larger image.

This necklace turned out very well. I had just received these tiny copper washers and figured how to incorporate them in my design for making a delicate medium (about 24 inch) necklace. As you see, the green beads work really well with the copper wire wrapping and the washers add just a little zing. To complete the set I've made dangle earrings with copper and two of the green foil beads. Also small and delicate.

The glass that the necklace is wrapped around is from Murano, Italy and is 30 years old. I had the pleasure of visiting Venice in 1979 and went to Murano Island. This was my first trip to Europe and started a love of travel that has taken me all over the World.

More of the new jewelry

I made time today to photograph all the new pieces that I have made in the last few days. I seem to be on an earring making direction this week. So I have used lots of the new findings and some of the jade as well as some glass beads that I already had. I am including a couple of non-jewelry images as I had a photo assistant during the end of my shoot...(smile).

I made at least 4 pair of earrings, one more bangle, this one is hammered and a necklace and earring set.

This pair of earrings are made with Copper french ear wires, tiny copper heart beads and teardrop gemstone beads. These are small delicate earrings that would enhance any wardrobe.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jade nugget dangling Earrings

One of the new string of beads that I ordered and received was jade nuggets. I liked them so well that I ordered two colors. Olive Jade and a darker green jade (the color that I always thing of when I think of Jade green). Both strands are cube shaped nuggets and wonderful to work with.

These earring are of course made with copper findings, two olive jade nuggets, more copper findings (this time copper spacers). I finish off the earrings with 18 gauge hand made and hammered french earwires. These earrings are light to medium weight and the dangling part is just over one inch in length.

Several new pieces of jewelry

Hello all. Life has been very busy and Hot lately. We have had our first 100 degree day this year with more to come. Happy to say with all the fans and two air conditioners going, the old home place is staying cool. I have also started going out on the front porch in the early morning and working for a while there. It is a wonderful place to work, quiet except for all the birds singing, and watching the Sun hitting the mountains in front of us is quite inspiring.

I participated in two shows in 3 days last week-end. Even though it was not as profitable as I was hoping, I had one major highlight. One of my photographs entered in the Fine Art show judging won Third place. It was an image of a windmill at Sunset. I am proud of my work and the fact that I've been selling some more of my images lately. Guess it is time to 'get out there and shoot some new stuff......roses!)

I am also trying to add buttons for purchasing my jewelry right from my blog page. So be patient with me as I am new to putting buttons on the page.

I ordered and received some new gemstone beads/nuggets this week as well as lots of new copper findings, expect some new designs to follow.

Happy Mother's Day to each of the Mothers out there!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Man's plain copper bangle

I created this simple all copper bangle after I finished the Gypsy Bangle, using many of the same instructions. As with all the bangles I make, this bracelet slips over the hand and does not open. Simple, but attractive.

Still making bangles

I really enjoy making bangle bracelets and am continuing doing so this week. I found the instructions for this Gypsy Bangle bracelet on the web and added my own design to it. Then I made it a set by making matching dangle earrings. This bracelet is for a small wrist, but is what I would consider a bold Fashion statement, yet a jewelry piece that could be worn daily. It was a fun piece to make even thought it did take several hours. Hope you like it.

New bangle bracelet

This bracelet was completed last week, but I did not have the time to post about it. The design is similar to one I saw elsewhere and has been floating around in my head. It turned out well, but I feel the bead (a chalk turquoise) makes it 'top heavy'. Overall, the design works very well and I will be looking for more beads that are large, but not so thick to incorporate. This bracelet is for sale and will be shown in my upcoming craft shows and will be listed on my Etsy site in the near future.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello again. I've got a few more pieces done and will be posting pix very soon. My metal embossing classes are completed so my Monday afternoons are free again. Course my week-ends are now going to be busy with craft show season starting back up.

I have entered my fine art photography in a show this week-end. It will be great showing that work again.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I am very happy to have finished the commissioned chain necklace. It took about 10-12 hours to complete and each link was individually hand coiled, cut, then connected. The total length is 30 inches before clasp.

I would be happy to take orders for similar length chains as well as similar designs. Purchases could be made thru my Etsy store or PayPal.

Here is an image of the completed chain.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life has been Busy

Sorry I have not posted for several days. I have been really busy with Tax returns, Tea Parties, classes (Tai Chi and metal embossing) as well as working on the commission piece that is coming along very nicely, just over 1/2 finished now.

Craft show season starts this week-end for me as well. So I am trying to get my jewelry and some photos organized for that show.

Today I am including photos of the finished pieces that I've made in my metal embossing class.

Top Image: Simple Butterfly in Aluminum, my first attempt.

Middle Image: 3 Leaf Shamrock with Infinity sign in center of each leaf. Done on Brass.

Last Image: Photo frame in Aluminum, includes my 'enhanced' Pumpkin image.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Second Pair of Stud Earrings

This second pair of earrings were made the same way; just different beads. This time I used a brown cube bead that is more rectangular than square. Again, the stud wires have rubber stops.

I will be adding these pieces to my Etsy store in the near future where they will be for sale. Reach my Etsy store at

New Jewelry Pieces

I purchased a stud earring making tutorial yesterday and decided to try it out today. I am including pictures of two pair I made in only a few minutes. Kind of like the way they turned out.

As usual, I applied copper wire, 20 gauge this time. These triangle beads have blue near the center hole with plastic stops on the stud wire.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting ready for the busy Easter Weekend

Today has been a busy start of a holiday week-end for me. I am continuing the work on the consignment chain necklace. At this point I have it about 1/3 completed and am happy with the results. Not sure how much I will get done over Saturday and Sunday, but I hope to make a little time for work.

Had a short visit from a friend today on her way home. Always nice to visit with her.

Hope to make it by the Library so I can check out more books on Jewelry making. Also will be stripping more wire to have ready for new creations.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New jewelry piece in progress

I have started a new chain necklace that has been commissioned. I am working with 18 gauge copper wire with a chain-maile design which will be about 30 inches when complete. Photos of work in progress as well as the finished piece will be added when I have time.

A link to some of my photography

In addition to my making copper jewelry, I am a semi-pro photographer who specializes in nature and wildlife. My chosen subjects usually have hooves, feathers, claws, or petals. I have had the great pleasure of traveling all over the world. This planet offers such beauty and lessons of life if one only looks.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Ott Pets

Our household includes 4 furbabies. One dog, Sir Freddy, our Boxer who is 100 pounds of love and excitement.

In addition we have three cats, Junior, a black shorthair, who is the 'old man' of the clan, Chiba, who is our only other girl of the family and is a tortise shell tabby with a white face. Very slender and girly. And last is our newcomer, Pancake, who is a 1/2 Siamese and (probably) a yellow tabby. Pancake has the face of the Siamese with blue eyes, a white body with yellow dark markings and a striped yellow/white tail. He is the Boxer's kitten/toy.

Chain-maile Bracelet

Today I am going to share what is my favorite bracelet that I have made. It is also possibly the most difficult, and time consuming.

This bracelet was made from 18 gauge copper wire and can be worn by either male or female. It was made from jump rings which I coiled and cut myself. Using over 100 rings and taking more than 6 hours, the bracelet really turned out well. I have completed more chain maile projects since.

You are welcome to purchase this bracelet from my Etsy store. Other pieces of my work are available there as well.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Class One: Introduction

Welcome to my blog. I am new to blog writing so this is going to be a new experience. I love learning new things so here we go.

I will be showing jewelry that I am making new for more of the craft shows that I attend. I work almost exclusively with copper wire to create earrings, bracelets, bangle bracelets, chain necklaces, and necklaces of all lengths using glass beads.

Most of my creations are made using the wire wrap method and copper wires 18 and 20 gauge. Many of the glass beads are hand made from India. Each creation is designed by me and I try to create only one of each design.

Also a budding coppersmith, I make copper wire bangles from thick heavy wire that requires soldering and hammering to curve the wires. Still working on my soldering and will continue taking classes to improve.

Stepping back into a College classroom, I am currently completing a class in Metal Embossing and though it is totally different that the way I make designs on my jewelry, this will be another form of art that I want to blend with my photographs.

I try to create pieces of jewelry weekly and will be posting an image of new work here as I finish and have the time.

I look forward to responses and visits with you thru my art/craft.