Monday, February 24, 2014

Sold a little jewelry Sunday

I returned to the 'art market' that is in the parking lot of a nearby restaurant and mini mart on Sunday.  There were three other vendors attending.  Two were crafters and one family was selling girl scout cookies and puppies.  Both of which were a great drawing card for the others of us.  One of the puppies was sold and boxes of the cookies went fast.

I had been in limbo about setting up there all morning and then I finally decided to go.  It is only a couple of miles from my home and with no fee charged, I was not out any to try.  Glad I went.  This time I sold jewelry.  One of the necklaces I recently started making and two pair of earrings.  While I did not need an armored car to carry all that cash home, I sure felt better having those sales and making a little money.  I am so encouraged that I will be doing another show in New Mexico Saturday.  Just need to get help setting up the canopy, then I'm ready to sell, sell, sell.  Been busy making both jewelry and more cat sleeping rugs, as well as the catnip socks.  I'll keep you posted after Saturday or maybe Sunday if I get to go back there. Sunday depends on if I take all the cats to the shot clinic.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First craft show in 15 months

Last weekend from the 14th thru the 16th, I was a vendor at a local winery art market.  It was an excellent venue for me to get my feet wet again.  The show was about 5 hours daily and inside with tables provided.

I took all my new wired beaded necklaces (my newly learned jewelry making craft) and all of my copper wire wrapped jewelry using mostly gemstone beads.

In addition, I took my crocheted cat beds and the Kat Nap mats that have had interest.

Happy to say I had a few sales that covered the cost of the entrance fee and a little more.  So, I guess I am back in the craft show market.  I am considering exhibiting at a pet fair this weekend (again inside ) trying to sell my cat beds, the Kat Nap mats and the catnip socks, which are already big sellers.  I stuffed 20 newborn infant socks today with batting and catnip. Just needs sewing of the top and they are all finished. I'm also crocheting more of the Kat Nap mats, but due to the pains in these tired hands, that can only be done for a few hours at a time.

Sunday I plan on returning to the new artist market that is only a couple of miles away at a local mini market and restaurant.  Great hours, Noon to 4:30 Sunday afternoons.