Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last, but not least, the Hook Clasp

This hook clasp is a modified "S" hook clasp as I hammered both ends, but only curled the one. A simple but strong clasp that is a tasteful finishing touch to this piece.

Thank you for letting me share my craft with you. I am fortunate to be able to create Beauty with my jewelry and my photography.

Should you be interested in this Chain Necklace, drop me an e-mail.

Adventurine Focal

I have recently renewed my interest in using more gemstones in my jewelry, focal points, donuts, beads, cubes, and anything that catches my eye. Just purchased some garnet gemstone hearts that I can't wait to create a long delicate necklace with.

Anyway, back to the piece at hand, This focal piece is round with an off center hole. It is 45mm by 6mm. The bale is hammered to match the clasp hook.

Links, Hook clasp, and Focal Point

With the exception of the tiny copper hammered washer (almost center of image); all other links were hand coiled, soldered, filed, sanded, and tumbled. The large links were hand coiled around a 1/2 inch diameter piece of copper tubing (just keeping it in the copper family). Soldering something this tiny was a wonderful lesson in going slow and used a lot of patience as I had to prep each link, solder, turn off the torch, then drop in water, and start all over. Good exercise for someone who is very impatient.

3-Link Chain Necklace with Green Adventurine Focal

As I posted earlier, this chain necklace used at least three methods of making. All parts are hand made by me except the tiny copper hammered washers that connect the smaller jump rings.

As usual, all components are made of copper. Total length is about 18 inches. It is surprisingly light in weight. The focal point (the adventurine) can be removed if very careful.

Maybe the Muse is back.

Unfortunately, my creativity level has been very low the last few weeks. But I completed a piece yesterday that used at least three different methods of my jewelry making. I hope you like it. I spent a lot of time figuring and designing exactly how it should be put together.

Because there are lots of pictures showing the different areas of the chain necklace, I am making this a several post writing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More show news

Amazing how quickly I seem to get behind on writing here. I have completed two craft/fine art shows since my last post.

My show two weeks ago was considered a big sucess even though I did not make a lot of money. I have had renewed interest in my photography. So I am bringing out my matted prints to sell at shows. Last week I put together about 150 greeting cards with my images and took them to the last two shows. Between the two shows, I sold almost 30 cards. I have another show this Friday and Saturday so my card inventory is still good and I will also have jewelry there of course.

Last week's show on Sunday was almost a killer. The temperatures were so hot that I actually got sick. At least we had shade from trees to sit under, the canopy shading was unbearable. That was a fine art show. It is so good to have so much interest in my work.

Try to stay cool. Blessings. Till next time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Preparing for a two day show this week-end

I am trying very hard to get excited and 'revved up' for the show I am entered in this week-end. I have not been very creative this last two weeks, even though I have gotten a few pieces made. With our very hot and usually dry weather here in the Desert, my main concern was to stay as comfortable as possible. And this is the 'Monsoon Season" here as well. We only have a few inches of rain per year and most of it falls between June and probably the end of August.....usually when a big event is scheduled.

The good part of this Weather is that we have been swimming every day, sometimes morning and afternoon, and I am losing weight. YES!!!!! I am hoping to have made a real improvement by the end of August.

Hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th week-end. My husband and I were guests at a local car event (drag race for those car people out there). I photographed and my husband who is a writer, interviewed racers and took down data. Turned out to be a long day and late evening as we finally got home and in bed at 4 am of the 5th. But a very good time was had by all.

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