Monday, August 17, 2009

Craft show results

I completed my third show at the Art Market in a series of Five. It was a fun day and made even nicer because my husband (who plays drums) was part of the band that provided music during the afternoon. We usually go our own way with our given 'profession' so this was a real treat as I haven't heard him play for a while.

While sales were not great, the crowd was a buying one. Great to see. My sales consisted of both my jewelry and my photos so that made me happy. My greeting cards are still a very good seller and are now being featured in a local gallery. The Christmas cards (SouthWest Desert version) will be available soon as well.

There was a great deal of interest for the chain necklace with the Adventurine focal. Thought I had it sold, but the young lady opted for the very delicate turquoise jasper necklace and a copper ring. It looked so nice on her as she had a wonderful tan, bringing out the colors of the necklace.

This will be another busy week as I have some really good images of butterflies that I need prints of for more greeting cards and I also need to work on the jewelry.

I am starting to design pieces and put the entire laid out design on a piece of wire until I can wire wrap it. Some times I have the time to lay out a design, but not enough time to work it up, so now I can at least keep the design.

My work with natural gemstones instead of glass beads has been very well received, so I hope to continue in that direction. I have more jade and a new string of garnet hearts that are really calling to me.

More later as time permits.
Have a healthy week.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guess Muse is back.

Good morning all. I'm happy to say I've been very busy creating the last few days. I have completed two more necklaces and one pair of earrings. In addition, I designed a fashion-oriented high style necklace yesterday morning that has yet to be wire wrapped. Hope to get that one done today. Many Monday mornings are shopping day for me so I only got the designing done yesterday, but did get one pair of earrings made.

Photos of my new work will follow with a better description as I have the time.

Look forward to sharing and hope you have a great day.