Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day. Here in the US, this is one of the days we honor our war heroes as well as our family loved ones who have died for a cause they strongly believed in, the protection of this great country. Our family has also proudly served in several branches of the Military. Both my and my husband's fathers served in and survived World War II, but have now passed away. We proudly fly the flag that draped my husband's father's coffin on important patriotic holidays.

A quick update on last week-end's craft show. We had sunny but windy weather most of Saturday so I spent a lot of time keeping the canopy from flying away. Unfortunately, the crowd was smaller and not in a buying mood so my sales were down. Because this has been one of my better shows in past years, I was really disappointed. Made the booth fee, but not much more.

But I continue plugging away. One good happening was that I was invited to show and sell at a monthly fine art event that will be in a local Plaza. Look forward to that.

I have also been creating more jewelry. Kind of went on an earring making junket. Made 6 pair this week, plus 2 necklaces, and 2 bracelets. I'm working on a very special design necklace and bracelet set that I hope will be a beauty! I'm also working today on a glass bead necklace that has two different shaped, same color, beads being used.

While working on today's necklace, I came up with a new idea for a different necklace to use up a large quantity of multi-colored glass beads and a focal point that I had laying around.

Also, happily, the earrings with the glass bead and olive jade nugget sold last week-end.

Photos will follow asap.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Just a quick hello

Just checking in for a short post before we start loading up for this week-end's two day show. Haven't had much time for jewelry making since I got all the other pieces done. We bought an above ground swimming pool (our first) so most of this week revolved around preparing the ground, setting up the pool, the (not so) patiently waiting for it to fill. Course, someone (the impatient one) couldn't wait for the pool to completely fill and was in there with only about 18 inches of water. Was soooo nice. I grew up on a lake and swam almost daily for years, so I've really missed the pool and water. Now that it is full, I can get a healthy workout in 30 minutes.

Have a wonderful week-end. And Create! It's good for you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last two pair of Earrings

For now, that is. I have moved on to another project so I am listing these two earrings as the last. I have been entered in another show this week-end for Saturday and Sunday so my posts and new work will be limited.

I seem to make earrings in spurts, all the creative design ideas hitting me at once, then kind of a lull. I believe I made all 5 pairs in one morning sitting.

So let me describe my last two beauties. Hope you like them. Again, not fancy or delicate, just fun to wear with lots of taste.

One pair is a combination of an Olive Jade nugget, a faceted glass lavender bead, copper headpins, spacers and copper ear wires.

The last earring set was created from copper headpins, spacers, and two glass faceted lavender beads with copper ear wires.

UPDATE: Happily, the Olive Jade-Lavender earrings were sold at a craft show last week-end.

Another Bangle, Hammered

This time I created a different look for my bangle that has been so popular. Since I was experimenting, this bracelet is larger and could be worn by a man as well. It is very simple, 12 gauge copper wire that has been hammered almost flat, doubled over to make two, then wrapped with fine 20 gauge in several places, curved and hammered around a baseball bat (my favorite bangle mandrel) till round. I then curled the ends and connected. Again, this design is a non-opening bangle.

Clicking on any image will give a larger photo.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Photo Assistant

As I was photographing the last of the jewelry, our youngest cat, who is 1/2 Siamese and probably 1/2 yellow tabby, decided to 'help out'. He jumped up on the table and rearranged the necklace I was photographing. Then lay down and took a nap! This is Pancake, my new assistant.

Copper Washers & Green foil Beads

Click on any pix to see a larger image.

This necklace turned out very well. I had just received these tiny copper washers and figured how to incorporate them in my design for making a delicate medium (about 24 inch) necklace. As you see, the green beads work really well with the copper wire wrapping and the washers add just a little zing. To complete the set I've made dangle earrings with copper and two of the green foil beads. Also small and delicate.

The glass that the necklace is wrapped around is from Murano, Italy and is 30 years old. I had the pleasure of visiting Venice in 1979 and went to Murano Island. This was my first trip to Europe and started a love of travel that has taken me all over the World.

More of the new jewelry

I made time today to photograph all the new pieces that I have made in the last few days. I seem to be on an earring making direction this week. So I have used lots of the new findings and some of the jade as well as some glass beads that I already had. I am including a couple of non-jewelry images as I had a photo assistant during the end of my shoot...(smile).

I made at least 4 pair of earrings, one more bangle, this one is hammered and a necklace and earring set.

This pair of earrings are made with Copper french ear wires, tiny copper heart beads and teardrop gemstone beads. These are small delicate earrings that would enhance any wardrobe.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jade nugget dangling Earrings

One of the new string of beads that I ordered and received was jade nuggets. I liked them so well that I ordered two colors. Olive Jade and a darker green jade (the color that I always thing of when I think of Jade green). Both strands are cube shaped nuggets and wonderful to work with.

These earring are of course made with copper findings, two olive jade nuggets, more copper findings (this time copper spacers). I finish off the earrings with 18 gauge hand made and hammered french earwires. These earrings are light to medium weight and the dangling part is just over one inch in length.

Several new pieces of jewelry

Hello all. Life has been very busy and Hot lately. We have had our first 100 degree day this year with more to come. Happy to say with all the fans and two air conditioners going, the old home place is staying cool. I have also started going out on the front porch in the early morning and working for a while there. It is a wonderful place to work, quiet except for all the birds singing, and watching the Sun hitting the mountains in front of us is quite inspiring.

I participated in two shows in 3 days last week-end. Even though it was not as profitable as I was hoping, I had one major highlight. One of my photographs entered in the Fine Art show judging won Third place. It was an image of a windmill at Sunset. I am proud of my work and the fact that I've been selling some more of my images lately. Guess it is time to 'get out there and shoot some new stuff......roses!)

I am also trying to add buttons for purchasing my jewelry right from my blog page. So be patient with me as I am new to putting buttons on the page.

I ordered and received some new gemstone beads/nuggets this week as well as lots of new copper findings, expect some new designs to follow.

Happy Mother's Day to each of the Mothers out there!