Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time to catch up some.

Happy Summer.

Been busy with creating, a little shopping, and developing a new way to display my jewelry at shows. I frequent a local Thrift Store about twice a month. Usually I just shop without a specific article in mind, cruising the entire store for what I think is a good deal. On Monday's the store offers a 99 cent on certain colored price tags (changes each week). So I run (almost literally) to the jewelry department for that colored tag to see what 'goodies' I can find. Usually to recreate new jewelry, sometimes for me. I still love the 'sparkles'. This week I found 3 bags of Antique Silverware at 99 cents per bag. Beautiful stuff and almost a full 12 setting service. As I roamed over to the furniture area, I came across 2 fireplace screens. I've seen jewelry displays where the necklaces and other pieces were hung on the standing screen so I grabbed that up too. Now, I am changing over from the flat display case with glass doors to this stand-up version. I really hope it works as I hated carrying the case, bulky and so dangerous with the glass. Also, now the people can see the sparkle of the beads and 'touch' easier.

Monday was an all around day of change. Since I swim daily, and was really tired of going to bed with wet very long hair, I had my hair cut off. Went from middle of back to shaved neckline. Big change!

Finally getting back to the jewelry. I'm working on several projects right now. I am creating another chain with links that have more copper wire coiled the entire length of the link. Very different from the other chains. So far, it looks good and I will be putting an "S" clasp to finish it.

I'm still working on the jade nugget necklace. Thinking about making it a multi-strand so lots more work before it is complete.

Haven't touched the paper-clip chain. Had to strip more of the 20 gauge wire and have not gone back to finish it yet.

I found a bag of cube shaped green glass beads that show different colors in the light so I am making a long necklace with a similar colored round disk as a focal point, front and center.

Don't have much lined up for shows right now, but do need to get these pieces finished. Good therapy, ya' know.

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