Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More show news

Amazing how quickly I seem to get behind on writing here. I have completed two craft/fine art shows since my last post.

My show two weeks ago was considered a big sucess even though I did not make a lot of money. I have had renewed interest in my photography. So I am bringing out my matted prints to sell at shows. Last week I put together about 150 greeting cards with my images and took them to the last two shows. Between the two shows, I sold almost 30 cards. I have another show this Friday and Saturday so my card inventory is still good and I will also have jewelry there of course.

Last week's show on Sunday was almost a killer. The temperatures were so hot that I actually got sick. At least we had shade from trees to sit under, the canopy shading was unbearable. That was a fine art show. It is so good to have so much interest in my work.

Try to stay cool. Blessings. Till next time.

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