Saturday, October 3, 2009

No show this week-end

I have two weeks without shows, but still have plenty going on. I have at least 8 shows scheduled so I am trying to get a surplus ready, as well as knit scarfs, crochet caps for a charity, and this is Birthday week for my Husband and I......just not saying which one......LOL.

Some of my 'better' pieces are in the invitation only show this week-end. Last year the show was very good for me. Also I left about 6 of my necklaces for the Gallery gift show where my Photography is going. I also added two matted prints to my 'image collection' while there.

Every once in a while, I sit down for the morning and make earrings. Usually making 8-10 pairs gets me caught up on what has sold. Yesterday was my day for that project. I ended up making 9 pair blending new beads, crystals, and even a few 'left over' pearls to create sparkling color combinations in different styles. Most of my earring designs are casual to dressy. So they can be worn anytime.

A friend who likes and buys my jewelry had requested a specific color to go with the necklace she just purchased so of course I gave her a choice of three. She chose one then looked at the other new pairs and had me set one pair aside for next week's paycheck. I love it when a friend/customer keeps coming back and buying my work.

Even though I love working with gemstone beads, I do get a little burned out sometimes. I am working with all glass beads for a couple of days. After selling three necklaces last week-end, I need to replenish anyway.

Have a pleasant week-end. Blessings.

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