Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It was a great Craft show Week-end

Hope you had a good week-end as well. My week-end show was great. Lots of sales, all kinds of products, jewelry, photos, greeting cards and sold scarfs before I was finished knitting them. I had a primo spot this time (due to being a many time return vendor) on the busiest corner of the event, and in front of the music. I even had help two of the three nights, my Husband stayed around and helped then visited with some of the Men vendors there. The show was only 4 hours each night so nice and short.

The only flaw was the van threw a fit and the Fuel pump went out...at the Festival so it had to be towed to the garage. But she is back up and running now, even though our bank account is much lighter. We have a small local garage work on our vehicles and they always do a great job and are reasonable in cost and prompt with the repair.

This week is not as busy. I will be taking some of my jewelry to a private showing and sale on Thursday for the sale on Saturday and Sunday. Nice show and invitation only for selling there.

Stay busy, Be happy. Enjoy the Fall's Beauty outdoors.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A break in a busy week.

I am amazed at how busy this week has been and will be for the next three days.

In my earlier post, I informed you about my pending photo shoot of a local cowboy. It went very well, the man was nice to work with and the images turned out really good. Course, due to that job and trying to get some of my butterfly images edited and proofs printed, I've been to the store 3 times this week to pick up prints. Plus, I refreshed my mat cutting experience. Trying to make a little less work for myself, I went to Hobby Lobby to purchase a pre-cut mat for the selected photo from the cowboy shoot. No such luck. Not a white 11X14 mat in the store. My usual luck continues. But that is ok. Since I had to cut one, I measured and cut 5 more and the other matted prints (if not bought by the Cowboy) are going into a gallery.

One of my photographs from China was accepted by a local gallery with room for more of my images as soon as I can take them over. In addition, this gallery is creating a gift shop area and is making a space for some of my jewelry. I will be putting my nicer and more expensive gemstone necklaces there. They will go in as soon as the new necklace displays arrive. This gallery is just opening and being done very professionally. The owner is also an artist so he knows the Art field from both directions...creating and selling. What a great time to be putting new work in what looks like a very promising location.

I have a three day show this week-end and am attending a Gallery exhibit opening this evening. Friends' work is in this so I am excited for them. And I am going to try to do some more photography Saturday of some Indian Dancers. So much is going on right now, and I Love it. Next week is supposed to be a quiet one so maybe I can get some reading done as well as more jewelry done.

Till later. Blessed be.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall is Here.

Welcome to my corner of Texas. We are having wonderful Fall days with cooler nights. And I am busy trying to set up my craft show schedule for the upcoming months as well. Been very busy with different crafts; photography- getting more prints matted and greeting cards put together. I now have a full rack of my greeting cards at a local art gallery. Kewl!

I am really happy with the direction that my jewelry is taking right now. I am using more of the gemstone beads and they are fantastic! I ordered and received 30+ strands of all natural stone beads in several shapes. I've made two necklaces with garnet 'heart' shaped beads and my next is just using the garnets in a simple almost chain-like necklace.

As if that has not kept me busy enough, I am busy crocheting and knitting caps and scarfs for the cold season. Also, I will be crocheting at least a dozen caps for a missionary group that helps less fortunate families in Mexico. One of my very good friends is and has been heavily involved in helping those less fortunate for years. This is my way of saying 'thank you' for all we have been blessed with.

This Sunday will be the Fourth month for the Art Market where I have been showing and selling my works. I enjoy this show very much. So I am always excited about these shows.

In Addition, I have a photo shoot Saturday. I'm photographing a Cowboy on location. Looking forward to that as well.