Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Man's plain copper bangle

I created this simple all copper bangle after I finished the Gypsy Bangle, using many of the same instructions. As with all the bangles I make, this bracelet slips over the hand and does not open. Simple, but attractive.

Still making bangles

I really enjoy making bangle bracelets and am continuing doing so this week. I found the instructions for this Gypsy Bangle bracelet on the web and added my own design to it. Then I made it a set by making matching dangle earrings. This bracelet is for a small wrist, but is what I would consider a bold Fashion statement, yet a jewelry piece that could be worn daily. It was a fun piece to make even thought it did take several hours. Hope you like it.

New bangle bracelet

This bracelet was completed last week, but I did not have the time to post about it. The design is similar to one I saw elsewhere and has been floating around in my head. It turned out well, but I feel the bead (a chalk turquoise) makes it 'top heavy'. Overall, the design works very well and I will be looking for more beads that are large, but not so thick to incorporate. This bracelet is for sale and will be shown in my upcoming craft shows and will be listed on my Etsy site http://boopfto.etsy.com in the near future.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello again. I've got a few more pieces done and will be posting pix very soon. My metal embossing classes are completed so my Monday afternoons are free again. Course my week-ends are now going to be busy with craft show season starting back up.

I have entered my fine art photography in a show this week-end. It will be great showing that work again.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I am very happy to have finished the commissioned chain necklace. It took about 10-12 hours to complete and each link was individually hand coiled, cut, then connected. The total length is 30 inches before clasp.

I would be happy to take orders for similar length chains as well as similar designs. Purchases could be made thru my Etsy store or PayPal.

Here is an image of the completed chain.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life has been Busy

Sorry I have not posted for several days. I have been really busy with Tax returns, Tea Parties, classes (Tai Chi and metal embossing) as well as working on the commission piece that is coming along very nicely, just over 1/2 finished now.

Craft show season starts this week-end for me as well. So I am trying to get my jewelry and some photos organized for that show.

Today I am including photos of the finished pieces that I've made in my metal embossing class.

Top Image: Simple Butterfly in Aluminum, my first attempt.

Middle Image: 3 Leaf Shamrock with Infinity sign in center of each leaf. Done on Brass.

Last Image: Photo frame in Aluminum, includes my 'enhanced' Pumpkin image.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Second Pair of Stud Earrings

This second pair of earrings were made the same way; just different beads. This time I used a brown cube bead that is more rectangular than square. Again, the stud wires have rubber stops.

I will be adding these pieces to my Etsy store in the near future where they will be for sale. Reach my Etsy store at http://boopfto.etsy.com

New Jewelry Pieces

I purchased a stud earring making tutorial yesterday and decided to try it out today. I am including pictures of two pair I made in only a few minutes. Kind of like the way they turned out.

As usual, I applied copper wire, 20 gauge this time. These triangle beads have blue near the center hole with plastic stops on the stud wire.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting ready for the busy Easter Weekend

Today has been a busy start of a holiday week-end for me. I am continuing the work on the consignment chain necklace. At this point I have it about 1/3 completed and am happy with the results. Not sure how much I will get done over Saturday and Sunday, but I hope to make a little time for work.

Had a short visit from a friend today on her way home. Always nice to visit with her.

Hope to make it by the Library so I can check out more books on Jewelry making. Also will be stripping more wire to have ready for new creations.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New jewelry piece in progress

I have started a new chain necklace that has been commissioned. I am working with 18 gauge copper wire with a chain-maile design which will be about 30 inches when complete. Photos of work in progress as well as the finished piece will be added when I have time.

A link to some of my photography

In addition to my making copper jewelry, I am a semi-pro photographer who specializes in nature and wildlife. My chosen subjects usually have hooves, feathers, claws, or petals. I have had the great pleasure of traveling all over the world. This planet offers such beauty and lessons of life if one only looks.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Ott Pets

Our household includes 4 furbabies. One dog, Sir Freddy, our Boxer who is 100 pounds of love and excitement.

In addition we have three cats, Junior, a black shorthair, who is the 'old man' of the clan, Chiba, who is our only other girl of the family and is a tortise shell tabby with a white face. Very slender and girly. And last is our newcomer, Pancake, who is a 1/2 Siamese and (probably) a yellow tabby. Pancake has the face of the Siamese with blue eyes, a white body with yellow dark markings and a striped yellow/white tail. He is the Boxer's kitten/toy.

Chain-maile Bracelet

Today I am going to share what is my favorite bracelet that I have made. It is also possibly the most difficult, and time consuming.

This bracelet was made from 18 gauge copper wire and can be worn by either male or female. It was made from jump rings which I coiled and cut myself. Using over 100 rings and taking more than 6 hours, the bracelet really turned out well. I have completed more chain maile projects since.

You are welcome to purchase this bracelet from my Etsy store. Other pieces of my work are available there as well. http://boopfto.etsy.com

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Class One: Introduction

Welcome to my blog. I am new to blog writing so this is going to be a new experience. I love learning new things so here we go.

I will be showing jewelry that I am making new for more of the craft shows that I attend. I work almost exclusively with copper wire to create earrings, bracelets, bangle bracelets, chain necklaces, and necklaces of all lengths using glass beads.

Most of my creations are made using the wire wrap method and copper wires 18 and 20 gauge. Many of the glass beads are hand made from India. Each creation is designed by me and I try to create only one of each design.

Also a budding coppersmith, I make copper wire bangles from thick heavy wire that requires soldering and hammering to curve the wires. Still working on my soldering and will continue taking classes to improve.

Stepping back into a College classroom, I am currently completing a class in Metal Embossing and though it is totally different that the way I make designs on my jewelry, this will be another form of art that I want to blend with my photographs.

I try to create pieces of jewelry weekly and will be posting an image of new work here as I finish and have the time.

I look forward to responses and visits with you thru my art/craft.