Friday, June 26, 2009

Back with new jewelry and a little news

I know I haven't posted for weeks now, but I have not been lax in my works. Husband was gone for 10 days so I had a 'working vacation'. My time was my own to do as I pleased, but I also got to do all the daily chores for two people. Not so bad though, as my biggest chore and most fun was taking care of the pool. It was such a big pat on the back when my husband returned and complimented me on how nice the pool looks. YES!! Compliments are NICE.

One of the mornings I went out to clean the pool and start the filter, this little critter was in the pool. I kind of assumed he/it was dead. Turns out it was alive and more than worn out but still could climb and tried to get back in the pool till I moved it to a Yucca Cactus nearby. This is a Desert Tarantula; all black and furry and about 3 inches in size. We have been back in EP (El Paso) for 4 years and this is the first one we have seen here at home.

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