Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Week-end

Just in for a minute to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. Hope you have lots of time to share with loved ones. Most of all remember to honor those loved ones who have given the supreme sacrifice so we may be free.

We are going on a moonlight tour around a beautiful lake tomorrow night. A good friend is going with us, and he knows all about gemstones and rock hunting so our drive will be educational as well.

My good friend, Mr. (Ms. ?) Nikon will also be attending, with a new memory card and fully juiced battery.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great day Today.

We took off this morning early to have a Photo Day trip. Heading out just before 7 am, the Cruiser was in the wind to White Sands Nat. Monument, NM. Arrived there about 8:30 with beautiful scenics and great light.

About 3 hours later and 150+ new images, we left the park area. But we had a great time. And a full moon hike is offered out on the dunes each month, so we will try to get back there for sunset and the full moon rising this upcoming Saturday night.

Here is my 'Driver" in his chauffeur attire. What looks like snow is the white sand dunes.

Take care and be careful out there.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life Continues

Good morning and happy week-end. I am continuing to edit all my folders of images. Lots of images, but sadly, not as many good ones as I had hoped. This new camera and using a lens on manual focus has been a real learning experience. But I am getting there and the images that I specialize in (birds and flower) usually do good.

It has been a full week. Since I am seriously trying to improve my body weight and thus my lifestyle; I work outside about an hour each day. We are blessed with 1/2 acre of yard so for the last three days, I've become the family gardener/yard person. A few veggies have been planted, and an area of wildflower seeds for the hummers and butterflies went in. But the real work was the removal of 3 3-foot century plant cactus. Talk about fighting back, That was a serious work-out. But I'm enjoying being outside and love my home so any improving projects are worth a little effort.

In addition, I was invited to write a short weekly article on recycling for the local freecycle group. My first article went up this week and the list owner asked for one article each week. Guess that went well.

I am planning a photo day trip to White Sands, NM. We were there before many years ago. But I want to go very early to catch the sun coming up over the Desert, so I have to 'talk real nice' (aka bribe) the other half so we can travel in his shiny new PT Cruiser (which has air conditioning).

I'm still anxiously waiting for a response regarding my first submission. I might call Monday and make sure I sent it correctly.

Have fun out there. Tell the One you love that you Love them.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sent out First submission in 10 years

I guess I am officially back in the game. I spent two days previewing, selecting and then editing images to make an online submission to my first stock agency in many years. Kind of exciting. And a lot of work. Can also show one that the image they thought was so good, was not quite as clear when viewed at 100%.

So, today I am 'off' to shop and pick up some groceries, then start pulling images for submission number 2.

Have a wonderful Monday.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Working on a little personal improvement.

Last week, after trying on about 7 pair of jeans to find one to fit, I decided it was time to get serious about weight loss and Summer swimming season. I am now into my 4th day of Atkins low carb dieting. Very good results so far. My goal is 40+ pounds so it will take at least a month, but I have passed the first (nerve wracking) days without too much stress.

Weather here has not been very photo productive, blowing dust and 45+ mph wind gusts. Birds are hiding and I'm following suit, as I can't even photograph the roses now.

Hope all Mothers had a good day. My day was nice and quiet, perfect. But, because I am seriously trying to lose weight, we did not go out to Dinner. We will postpone that for a few weeks.

Have a good one.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Check out the bottom of the blog

I' trying to make this blog more interesting so I am adding images to my Red Bubble account. I have now added a widget so you can see my images on Red Bubble. Enjoy. LMK if you like the changes.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm back and going a different direction.

I know I've been away for months, but I have not been too lazy. About the same time I quit blogging here, I also purchased a new Nikon DSLR camera. Since my training and profession (and passion) is photography, all my creative juices are flowing in this direction. I have set aside my jewelry making for a short while too. I have taken several thousand images since October and am getting to know my camera and my skills are coming back.

We, the spouse and I, finally got to take a trip together last month. Way too short, and waited much to long for it to happen, but it was wonderful. Got to have a mini school reunion with three school friends who have gone back to where we all grew up. Sorry, not me. I need Big City life too much to make it in a small country town. We had a great visit, taking over a local cafe after the lunch crowds were gone.

In addition, since my Van has been the only vehicle for at least 5 years, we finally bought the Husband a (new to him) 2002 PT Cruiser, which he loves, and so we went on Vacation in style and comfort, complete with a sunroof that opens, and leather seats!

Another change I have decided to make are to limit my Craft Show entries for a while. Sales here are pretty poor unless the merchandise is used daily. So my show fees are going towards camera cards and other supplies.

My Son's soon to be Bride has invited to take me around Galleries in the Denver, CO area and get some of my framed work in galleries there. She is a business professional and has lots of friends and connections in the area. Look forward to the challenge and the visit.

I am including a couple of images that are recent. Hope you enjoy.