Friday, June 26, 2009

Rounding out the last few weeks

In addition, I have sold merchandise at two craft shows this month. The first; a new show at a small church was a dismal failure. No customers and only two sales. Not too sure I will go back to that one. The second was much better. It was a fine art and high end crafts so I showed both my photography and my jewelry. Sold several prints and some of my large photographs are to be included in a future gallery show in the same area. I have changed the way I display my jewelry (yet again) and this time I received many compliments about the way the jewelry sparkles in the light and is so accessible to touch/try on.

I have also been working with the mint tins and creating mini pieces of Metal Embossing on the tops of the tins...after I cover the entire tin with a metal tape. They turn out cool and make great jewelry boxes or 'anything' boxes. One of the boxes sold on the second showing.

Even found some time to get some sewing done. I enjoy sewing clothes every once in a while. So while I was 'alone' (how can one be alone with a house full of furbabies), I spent three days sewing. Got a couple of articles of clothes finished and 3 more in the works. To be finished at a later date.

Our original vegetable garden was killed with a very cold snap so we lost all there. But I did have the usual tomatoes, and peppers and a couple other seedlings going. So I replanted a few bell pepper plants and thus far have kept 5 of the peppers alive; one with blooms all over it.

We also planted 4 tomato plants in the cage and they are looking great. Course it is liable to be September before we get any tomatoes with such a late start.

All in all, I am having a wonderful Summer and getting a great tan as a swimming bonus.

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