Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It was a great Craft show Week-end

Hope you had a good week-end as well. My week-end show was great. Lots of sales, all kinds of products, jewelry, photos, greeting cards and sold scarfs before I was finished knitting them. I had a primo spot this time (due to being a many time return vendor) on the busiest corner of the event, and in front of the music. I even had help two of the three nights, my Husband stayed around and helped then visited with some of the Men vendors there. The show was only 4 hours each night so nice and short.

The only flaw was the van threw a fit and the Fuel pump went out...at the Festival so it had to be towed to the garage. But she is back up and running now, even though our bank account is much lighter. We have a small local garage work on our vehicles and they always do a great job and are reasonable in cost and prompt with the repair.

This week is not as busy. I will be taking some of my jewelry to a private showing and sale on Thursday for the sale on Saturday and Sunday. Nice show and invitation only for selling there.

Stay busy, Be happy. Enjoy the Fall's Beauty outdoors.

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