Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall is Here.

Welcome to my corner of Texas. We are having wonderful Fall days with cooler nights. And I am busy trying to set up my craft show schedule for the upcoming months as well. Been very busy with different crafts; photography- getting more prints matted and greeting cards put together. I now have a full rack of my greeting cards at a local art gallery. Kewl!

I am really happy with the direction that my jewelry is taking right now. I am using more of the gemstone beads and they are fantastic! I ordered and received 30+ strands of all natural stone beads in several shapes. I've made two necklaces with garnet 'heart' shaped beads and my next is just using the garnets in a simple almost chain-like necklace.

As if that has not kept me busy enough, I am busy crocheting and knitting caps and scarfs for the cold season. Also, I will be crocheting at least a dozen caps for a missionary group that helps less fortunate families in Mexico. One of my very good friends is and has been heavily involved in helping those less fortunate for years. This is my way of saying 'thank you' for all we have been blessed with.

This Sunday will be the Fourth month for the Art Market where I have been showing and selling my works. I enjoy this show very much. So I am always excited about these shows.

In Addition, I have a photo shoot Saturday. I'm photographing a Cowboy on location. Looking forward to that as well.

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