Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time has so gotten away

I can't believe that it has been so long since I posted here. Life has been very busy for me this year. I have been photographing, knitting, crocheting, canning and generally being 'Mom' to now 4 feline furbabies and our canine 'son'.

We were blessed (?) with a new addition last September who has required a lot of supervision and care as well as learning the house rules. We found a two week old kitten who had strayed from a neighbor's yard and could not figure out how to get home. This meant 4 to 5 weeks of bottle feeding several times a day, taking him out of his cage for exercise and 'potty' breaks. He even went to the farmer's markets with me on Sunday mornings. For being a feral cat/kitten, he quickly learned the ropes and now controls the rest of us. He has a lot of Maine Coon cat, with long white hair and a tail that is at least 11 inches and he is only 7-8 months old.

Winter was a little chilly here in the Texas Desert. Something like a week of 0 degrees. Made us wonder if we had been transported back to Pennsylvania, but we made it with only the loss of some trees. Course we got to replace 3 outside faucets when the water thawed out.

I have been really enjoying photographing lately, the birds are back and our cactus garden is in full bloom so I have lots to shoot.

The farmer's market I sell my 'gourmet fixin's' at has started up again this month. I decided to add some new seasonings and a few sugar free jams since not everyone loves pickled jalapenos.