Saturday, March 22, 2014

Surgery, Dr. Visits and Exhaustion

Just over a week ago, my husband had shoulder surgery where part of the joint was replaced. Because of the preparation for the surgery, then the hospital time and now that he is home and will be 'one handed' for at least a month, my life has become a little 'hectic' and a whole lot busier.

I have been the one in the past for surgeries and hospital stays so I never realized how much time and care are required.  My appreciation for those in the health care profession has grown considerably in the last few days.  I also have come to the realization that trying to do almost anything one-handed is a tough task.  My husband has had a difficult time but he's healing well and very slowly gaining a little movement each day.

 Again during this intense period, I have discovered how relaxing and soothing a little jewelry making has become.  I even took a mini jewelry making kit to the hospital and did bead stringing while my husband slept. Got a nice necklace made too.

I am hoping to go back to the short 3-4 hour show that is at the local restaurant parking lot on Sunday afternoons  tomorrow afternoon if the husband is up to being left alone that long and the wind behaves a little. Springtime in El Paso is known for being both very windy and dusty.

I have been working on a wire wrap necklace that has many small components and still need to hammer the last few.  It is kind of a combination of links and jump rings which will be a little more masculine yet lightweight and delicate.  Of course, it is made of copper.

Thanks for reading my rambling and as Jeff Smith used to say "I bid you Peace".  Blessed be.

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