Monday, March 3, 2014

No weather cooperation last weekend.

I set up my crafts at a new location last weekend, both days, at a coffee house that has artists one weekend of the month.  This show was in a farming community in New Mexico.  The location was good, with lots of road access at a busy intersection, Other vendors who had interesting wares  were friendly and helpful. Just one problem.  We had non-stop gale like wind from about ll am till the event closed at 3 pm.  I had been warned that there might be some wind, but by the time I finally got home, I was exhausted from fighting to hang onto the canopy or chasing down necklaces that went flying off the table.  Course I was not alone in this singular dance, but felt silly all the same, and pretty disgusted with the  weather after a couple of hours.  Before the day turned 'ugly' (I really mean another word here) I had a good sale so I had hope that the day would get better.  But it did not.

The canopy  was taken down and placed at the back of my space along with the tables and the chair for Sunday's showing.  Heavy rain woke me up early Sunday morning about 5:15, along with 4 scared kittens racing back and forth down the hall of our home, making even more noise. Within 15 minutes, everyone was awake and getting up (and thinking some unpleasant even unfriendly thoughts about then) to find the coffee pot.

We sat back till the rain stopped about 8 am and the sun started drying off the areas so I quickly headed out to do a few pre-show chores then raced to New Mexico, a short 30+ miles away.

Not sure if I was just going to retrieve my canopy and tables, or go ahead and set up, I drove up about 10 minutes before the show was supposed to start.  Everyone else was there all set up with new vendors as well so I set up and prepared for sales.  What I got was more wind and only one tiny sale.  I did stay till the show ended, but I drove home really dejected.  I plan to go back and try the show again, but I will wait till the windy season here has calmed down some.

The real highlight of the entire weekend was that due to my exhaustion we went out to dinner Sunday evening, to a restaurant close by and had a wonderful Mexican food dinner and had and took the time to relax and enjoy each other's company.

Batteries recharging and now trying to figure out what new items to make for the next show.

Have a good one, Ya"ll.

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  1. That is about like the Ethnic Festival years ago when our kiddos from church had a display...a tepee. Saturday was ok but when we woke Sunday morning a front had come in and the wind and dirt were blowing like crazy. We were selling a food item and had napkins in the tepee...when we arrived the napkins were heading south and the tepee looked like it was going any minute. We hurried grabbed things and threw them in the van, took down the tepee so it did not fall on anyone, called the kids and told them we would not be the festival that day...other vendors arrived and also took down their booths. Not sure which is worse, wind or rain. Good luck with your next endeavor!