Friday, May 20, 2011

Too old to be staying up till 3 AM

Last week my husband's band had a gig playing from 10pm to 1 am at a local club. As I really enjoy the music of said band, I always try to go when they play local. After the job was finished, the business transaction completed (getting paid), and all the gear torn down and packed in various vehicles, goodbyes said, we headed home. With the usual drive home, locking the gate, parking the car, and getting in the house, the clock had edged just past 2 am. After a short unwind period for the musician, getting all the furbabies settled in for the night, it was 3 am and we were just heading for bed.

Now, the cats have their own schedule. And they don't care when I get to bed. When you have 4 CATS, they win. So about 6:30 am, they were voicing their angst about the late breakfast feeding (loudly). Grumbling loudly myself, I struggled out of bed, fed the dog, the inside cats, and the outside cats, then collapsed back in bed. Finally drug my tired body out of bed about 9:15 (still morning) since it is really difficult to sleep with a cat sitting on my chest just looking at my face.

Took me 2 days to get caught up with enough beauty sleep to feel human again. So glad I did not have any shows planned for that week-end.

I did get to do a little photography last Sunday. I get to go to a small town with a Mission church (that is still having services weekly) on rare occasions and I did on Sunday. Got a few decent shots and may post a few here.

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