Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Art Show results and other ramblings

My sales at the local art show were a little disappointing, but not unexpected. Even though the show had less venders than in the past, quality and talent stayed the same, very high. One of my photographs from China was submitted for the judged event, but paintings were selected for best of show. I will try again next year.

Sadly, the main farmer's market where I have been selling my canned goods has all but ended. The promoters of the market has decided to have the event only one Sunday each month. So, now I am looking for other venues for sales.

Even though the beginning of this post are downers, Life has been throwing good things too. I am really enjoying my new ride. The Escape is easy to load and perfect for show 'cartage'. I am learning that I really like the air conditioning as well.......almost a must in El Paso.......and a black car.

The music scene is in full swing for my husband as well. A happier husband makes for a happier wife. Course, it makes for a busier day too. He works with three different groups and has band jobs with each of the three in the next 3 weeks. I find it amazing that he can play at least 3 different kinds of music and keep straight how he is to play with each group. My husband and both kids got all the musical talents in our family. That's ok, too. I was gifted with 'hands on' talents and the ability to find beauty almost everywhere and being able to share it with all.

Hope each of you Mother's had a wonderful day. Mine was quiet and restful, heard from one of my kids and that is ok. Highlight was getting a card from my Husband that said 'to my Beautiful Wife'. Poor man needs new glasses, but sure made me feel good.

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