Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life Continues

Good morning and happy week-end. I am continuing to edit all my folders of images. Lots of images, but sadly, not as many good ones as I had hoped. This new camera and using a lens on manual focus has been a real learning experience. But I am getting there and the images that I specialize in (birds and flower) usually do good.

It has been a full week. Since I am seriously trying to improve my body weight and thus my lifestyle; I work outside about an hour each day. We are blessed with 1/2 acre of yard so for the last three days, I've become the family gardener/yard person. A few veggies have been planted, and an area of wildflower seeds for the hummers and butterflies went in. But the real work was the removal of 3 3-foot century plant cactus. Talk about fighting back, That was a serious work-out. But I'm enjoying being outside and love my home so any improving projects are worth a little effort.

In addition, I was invited to write a short weekly article on recycling for the local freecycle group. My first article went up this week and the list owner asked for one article each week. Guess that went well.

I am planning a photo day trip to White Sands, NM. We were there before many years ago. But I want to go very early to catch the sun coming up over the Desert, so I have to 'talk real nice' (aka bribe) the other half so we can travel in his shiny new PT Cruiser (which has air conditioning).

I'm still anxiously waiting for a response regarding my first submission. I might call Monday and make sure I sent it correctly.

Have fun out there. Tell the One you love that you Love them.

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